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    Prime Time Violence are the unexpected lottery win. They're the 'fun story' at the end of the TV news. But above all they're a group of four friends tied together by their music.

    Our purpose is not to create the world’s most challenging guitar riff, or the most kickass drum solo. We want to create meaning for our lives. For that we are prepared to devote time, effort and money. Every minute spent carrying equipment in the cold is rewarded when the crowd shout for an encore. Then we feel alive, not merely existing.

    We don’t educate, we revelate. We have a voice which we want to be heard.

    We weren’t ready to make a record before. But after several singles, an EP, music video, dozens of gigs and hundreds of hours in the rehearsal room, we now have the highlight of our musical history so far. We’ve made it with such devotion, that most think of us to be insane. We don’t. We believed from the beginning, that it's better save up for a diamond, than polish a piece of glass. At last, we’ve achieved a level that enables us to show you and the rest of the world what we are able to do.

  • Evolve

    Evolve, the debut album from rock band Prime Time Violence, is massively awesome. It’s massively awesome, because Tuukka Järvinen is performing on it. Oh, and Ruud Jolie, the guitarist from Within Temptation.

    It gets Justin Bieber’s balls to finally drop, Slayer to perform on Glee. It’s making the economic growth rise again, and Mick Jagger to officially change his surname to Lips.

    The album was originally recorded by a Danish Viking onto a stone tablet, because no other format was strong enough. So, it wasn’t made in the traditional pop-model of trusting in crap, and wishing for the best. The song material has got so much emotion in it, that even Morrissey would crack a smile.

    So, why not get aboard this brainchild. You’re most likely not gonna need other music anymore.


    All characters appearing in this biography are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The content and descriptions may, or may not, be mild egotism (So our lawyer said to tell you). Go ahead and book this band, order the album, give lucrative endorsement deals (So our bank manager said to tell you).

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